Liz Cocke, writer and photographer

It was a lovely evening for Happy Hour on Tuesday night – with a warm breeze on the rooftop terrace of the Scott Building and several groups of volunteers, including Team Rubicon – a veterans group targeted to disaster relief and community service of all types. Between old veterans as residents, and new veterans visiting, and neighborhood residents just interested in talking – there were conversations going all over the place.

Come and join us as we join the residents on the last Tuesday night every month to enjoy an evening of soda, beer and pizza – not to mention good jokes, bad puns, fun music and great conversation. And on summer evening with a warm breeze we can throw in a lovely evening out on the rooftop terrace.

Happy Hour 6-23-2014e1

Happy Hour 6-23-2014a1

Happy Hour 6-23-2014b1

Happy Hour 6-23-2014c1