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Friends of the Soldiers Home is proud to work with The Catholic University of America and Armed Forces Retirement Home staff and residents to make sure oral histories of veterans are collected. Friends Vice President Liz Cocke brought together the participants for a meeting at the Home Monday night, Feb. 5, to kick off the project.

Catholic students will be conducting and recording the oral histories of residents, and Catholic Professor Renate Chancellor will work to have the histories entered into the Library Congress collection for the Veterans History Project. At the meeting Monday evening, participants learned about the history of the home, toured residences and facilities, and began to make plans for pairing students with residents.

Pictured below are Carolyn Haug of the Armed Forces Retirement Home, far left, with Professor Chancellor at Catholic University (standing next to Carolyn), and Soldiers Home resident Frank Lawrence (far right). Others in the photo are some of Professor Chancellor’s students who will be working on the project.

Photo and story by Liz Cocke.