We had a great Happy Hour in late May, with residents, Friends of the Soldiers Home volunteers and Nam Nights. Several of us have been coming so long we’ve started sharing photos with the friends we’ve made at the Home. And who would have dreamed cutting a watermelon could be so much fun! We also had a wonderful time at Happy Hour in April, with family members visiting, young college students ready to dance and too much focus on the bad jokes and general hilarity going on. It was a great evening. See the photos from both events. Come and join us for the next Happy Hour on the evening of Tuesday, June 27 and let’s see if we make it to the rooftop – a great place to bring the residents, share a drink and enjoy a social evening! If you would like to participate, drop a line to volunteerfriendsofsoldiers(at)gmail(dot)com.

Story and photos by Liz Cocke.