Dear Friends,

Five years ago this month, Friends of the Soldiers Home began the effort to connect Veterans of the Armed Forces Retirement Home with their neighbors in Washington, D.C.

Thanks to the support of you and so many others, we have accomplished a great deal.

We held our 200th volunteer event this month and continue regular Jingo, Happy Hour, Bowling and Saloon Night activities with residents each month

We have now hosted 12 community festivals for residents and thousands of others, including Fourth of July, Oktoberfest and Spring Fling

Some of our other recent activities include a trash pickup and the annual volunteer gardening program.

Your help makes all of this possible! Please consider making an online contribution by clicking the “donate” button on our web page, friendsofsoldiers.org, or write a check to Friends of the Soldiers Home, Post Office Box 3170, Washington, DC 20010.

Thank you so much. We appreciate all the support we receive.


John Hughes
Chairman and Co-Founder
Friends of the Soldiers Home

Mission Statement
Friends of the Soldiers Home is a 501(c)(3) organization serving to strengthen the bond between the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington and the surrounding community. Through service, education and engagement, Friends of the Soldiers Home connects citizens and veterans in a relationship that recognizes the sacrifice of military service and enhances quality of life for veteran and citizen alike.