Saloon1When Friends of the Soldiers Home Board Member Zach Hartman heads to the Soldiers Home tomorrow to host a trivia contest for the monthly Saloon Night, he has a tough act to follow. Guitarist/singer Alan Bjerga, pictured, led veterans through a wide-ranging singalongfest at last month’s Saloon Night, including country, rock, pop and patriotic tunes. Alan performs each year at the July Saloon Night, and we are grateful he cares so much about the veteran residents of the Home to do this. In addition, 14 volunteers came out to enjoy cold beer, pizza and a heavy dose of friendship and companionship at the July event. It was truly a special moment when Alan ended the evening with a rendition of The Star Spangled Banner, and veterans and volunteers stood up ramrod straight and at attention. Friends of the Soldiers Home Volunteer Coordinator called it the best Saloon Night of the year! Can you top that one Zach?

Remember, Friends of the Soldiers Home hosts Saloon Night the first Tuesday of each month. If you would like to participate, drop a line to Lori Lincoln, who provided these photos, at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com.