Jingo1Spring is here! FOSH has had a busy March/April. Happy Hour featured a large group of Old Soldiers – men and women – and a great group of volunteers, many joining us for the first time. You can see from the smiles on people’s faces in the photos that everyone was enjoying their time together. We followed that with Saloon Night, which was a great success. Emcee Zach Hartman hosted a rousing game of Presidential Trivia. It was a tight race, but in the end, Team Aces High edged out its closest competitors for the win. New resident Jim had a great time playing on Team Politically (in)Correct and hopes to come to many FOSH events in the future. Then came Jingo, which was special this month because the family of resident Mr. Ferguson joined us. Volunteer Jackie repeated every question and answer for her resident partner so that he was able to play the game. Happy Hour, Saloon Night, Jingo — join us each month for these wonderful events by writing volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) .

Stories and photos by Elizabeth Cocke, Kerry Hamblin and Lori Lincoln.