GetAttachment.aspxFriends of the Soldiers Home for the fourth consecutive year is pleased to announce that through our organization, members of the community have an opportunity to become associate members of the Armed Forces Retirement Home Golf Course.

This is an exciting opportunity to use a nine-hole golf course located on the Home’s beautiful, historic campus in the heart of Washington, D.C.

This opportunity shows continued growth in the Friends-Home partnership that will includes more than 50 activities this year, including the upcoming Spring Fling festival on Saturday, May 7.

Below is everything you need to know about getting a membership.

What is the membership fee?
People may pay $514.26 for a six-month membership from April 1 to September 30th. People who begin memberships later than April can pay a pro-rated amount of $85.71 per month. Fees beyond September will not be collected.

Are there any fees per round?
Your membership includes unlimited rounds walking. Carts are extra.

Can my spouse be included in my membership?

What are the guest fees?
During the week, fees are $12 for nine holes, $20 for 18 holes (play the same nine holes twice). On the weekend and holidays, the fees are $15 for nine holes and $25 for 18 holes.

How much for a cart?
Riding carts are $12 for nine holes, $20 for 18 holes. Pull carts are $3.

How much to hit balls on the driving range?
Full service range and three sizes of buckets of balls available $3, $5, $7

Are there clubs available to rent?
Yes, $5.

Can I get lessons?

Are there other amenities/restaurants on site?
No, at this time there is only a small starter house with vending machines.

Are there tournaments?
Yes there are monthly tournaments that are followed by cookouts on site.

What is the condition of the course?
The condition is comparable to local D.C. public courses.

How many current associate golf members are there?
Right now there are over 100 associate members. The course hardly ever gets backed up.

Where can I get more information about supporting Friends of the Soldiers Home?
In order to continue to build this wonderful partnership between the community and the Home, Friends of the Soldiers Home requests a $30 donation from each person who purchases a golf membership by clicking the “donate” button on our website http://friendsofsoldiers.org/ or sending a check to Friends of the Soldiers Home, P.O. Box 3170, Washington, D.C., 20010. We also ask that you be willing to volunteer at some of our activities.

What is the next step to get a golf membership?
There is a membership form that can be picked up at the golf course that needs to be filled out (or click here to get the membership form electronically https://friendsofsoldiers.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/afrh_member_app_only21.pdf). Once approved you will receive a golf membership card and car decal that will allow you onto the AFRH grounds.  Once you have the form filled out take it by the golf course or email it to aaron.franklin (at) afrh (dot) gov

What is the contact information for the golf manager?
Aaron Franklin
(202) 541-7773
aaron.franklin (at) afrh (dot) gov

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