bowling1(Volunteer Sahury has a great time with resident Virginia)

We have had some great teams at Bowling With Friends, and this month was no exception. Armed Forces Retirement Home-Washington resident Edith Ellington teamed with volunteer Kalii Wright to take first place with a score of 391! Second place, with a score of 377, went to resident Sheldon Stackhouse, who was teamed with stalwart Friends volunteers Lori Lincoln and Rocelia Johnson. Resident Rogers Ferguson and volunteer Shawn Magnuson took third at 375. The team that needs the most improvement was resident Jean Ringuette and Lonell Johnson. We won’t post the score, but we will tell you that it was not Jean’s score that hurt the team! Don’t worry, Lonell will be ready next month, so everyone watch out! Bowling With Friends happens the third Tuesday evening of each month. To be part of the fun, write Lori Lincoln at volunteerfriendsofsoldiers (at) gmail (dot) com.

Story by Carol Mitchell, photos by Lori Lincoln.

bowling2(Volunteer Shawn Magnuson, right, eyes the lane with his resident partner, Rogers Ferguson, left.)