Our August Jingo gathering was a great success when nearly a dozen Friends volunteers joined Armed Forces Retirement Home-D.C. residents for a fun evening. Jingo is similar to bingo, though a trivia question is included to make the game a bit of an intellectual pursuit. These evenings are always special for Friends of the Soldiers Home because the very first volunteer event we did, back in Dec. 2012, was a bingo game. We have now sent volunteers to more than 40 of these types of games, held the second Thursday of each month, and early next year will mark our 50th Jingo! These volunteer events are wonderful ways to connect Home residents with the surrounding community. They go along with many more fun Friends activities, such as Happy Hour the last Tuesday of each month, and Saloon Night the first Tuesday of each month. As always with Friends of the Soldiers Home, one fun opportunity is always followed with another. The best is yet to come!

Story by John Hughes. Photos by Terra Zvara.