Jingo-2After a brief detour to bingo last month, it was back to Jingo, a game like bingo that includes a trivia question. On Jan. 8, the theme was the Civil War. The DC Soldiers Home veterans showed they knew their history! Six volunteers helped veterans play the game and enjoy the evening. Mr. Donald Stout, a Coast Guard veteran, was the evening’s big winner. He had a large smile on his face as he was wheeled back to his room. Mr. Stout said he planned to spend his winnings at the store on popcorn and candy. This was the 35th time Friends of the Soldiers Home volunteers joined our veteran friends for a Jingo or bingo game. The next match is all set for Feb. 12. It’s just one more way to say thank you to our veterans who have served their country so well. If you would like to help at Jingo, drop a line to volunteerfriendsofsoldiers(at)gmail.com.

Photos and story by John Hughes.