gardenpic5Armed Forces Retirement Home-DC gardeners recently got together with Friends of the Soldiers Home volunteers for a spectacular picnic. We had corn, cucumbers and ripened tomatoes grown through the Friends-AFRH garden project at the picnic tables. The event encouraged numerous new veteran faces to come down for the comfortable breeze and cold beverages. Gardening and non-gardening residents snatched spots with a neighborhood view under breezy trees in chairs and picnic tables. AFRH Garden Director Lori Thompson brought all the vital vittles and fire making to ensure a successful BBQ. Garden volunteers like Ellen Hughes helped with cooking, kindly purchased drinks and helped serve. The garden of AFRH resident Terry supplied all of the corn and then some. Terry has some popcorn on the way. Maybe we’ll have some homegrown, homemade popcorn at the next social! Story and photos by Ken Rubotzky.