Teddy and Miss TuckTuesday, Feb. 25 marked was one of our best Happy Hours of the 15 we have worked at — great jokes, fun volunteers, smiling veterans. Yet there was a sad note, because when we looked for one of our regular ‘customers,’ we learned that Miss Margaret Tuck passed away several days ago.

Miss Tuck was a stalwart at Jingo Nights. With her hearing difficulty, we would be her ears during the games. She played to win and loved the prizes. One time she insisted the staff get her out of bed so she could come down and play. She hated the idea that she would miss out on anything. While she preferred the games, she’d come to Happy Hour and stay a while as food and drinks were served. Then she’d ask, “Is this all there is?” and want to be taken back to her room.

When you told Miss Tuck she looked nice, her eyes would twinkle. She was a strong self advocate with a bellowing voice that would fit in a James Cagney movie. “Hey Mistah, can you get me a coffee?”

We miss you Miss Tuck. Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for brightening our lives each time we stepped on campus to volunteer.


Photos: Miss Tuck doing what she loved best, playing a good game of Jingo, with Friends volunteers Patti DeBow (above) and Teddy Hughes (upper right).