Dear Friends,

I am sorry to report that we must cancel Sunday’s Oktoberfest because of the government shutdown. The Soldiers Home has had to suspend all activities except those related to life and safety. This situation is beyond the control of the Home and the Friends of the Soldiers Home.

Our Friends board has spent an exhausting week trying to relocate the event or find some other way to go forward with it. (This is why we are informing you so late in the week.) In the end, nothing worked out.

We are disappointed because we had such a wonderful event planned. However, we keep our disappointment in perspective. Our thoughts go out to Soldiers Home staff, and to friends and neighbors, who have been furloughed or otherwise negatively affected by this shutdown. We are also thinking of Soldiers Home residents, who have lost recreational services because of the shutdown.

This time will pass. We plan many more opportunities to connect the community and the Home in celebration and volunteerism. The future looks bright for the Soldiers Home, the community, and the Friends of the Soldiers Home.


John Hughes
Friends of the Soldiers Home